VIP insulation board

VIP board, the full English name is Vacuum insulation panel, and the domestic insulation industry is customary to call it VIP board. The vacuum insulation panel, as the name suggests, is made based on the principle of vacuum insulation. It achieves insulation of heat conduction by maximizing the vacuum in the panel and filling it with core insulation material, thereby achieving the purpose of heat preservation and energy saving.


1. Low thermal conductivity, usually 0.003-0.004W/(m·K), which is equivalent to 10 times or even higher than ordinary thermal insulation materials;

2. The volume is small, and the thickness is only 1/7 of that of ordinary thermal insulation materials;

3. It is environmentally friendly and does not contain any OD materials during production and application.

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    These excellent performances are favored by refrigerator companies. At present, the most important application of VIP boards is also in the refrigerator industry. Refrigerator products using VIP panels have the characteristics of large volume, which can increase the use volume by 22% under the same energy consumption; secondly, energy-saving and environmental protection. With other energy-saving technologies, the power consumption of the refrigerator can be reduced to 0.4 Degree/day or less. With the strengthening of people's awareness of environmental protection, purchasing energy-saving refrigerators will gradually become a trend in society. VIP board, a super new type of thermal insulation material, can be used in refrigerators, cryogenic freezers, electric water heaters, vending machines, freezers, refrigerated containers, building wall insulation, and LNG storage and transportation.


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